Warhol Factory Women and Other 1960's Divas and Their Unforgettable Style


With a steady hand and a tiny brush, each eye was lined, both top and bottom, in black, sometimes in "shiny black". The line would be extended from one quarter to one half an inch beyond the outer edge of the eye, for a more dramatic effect.  Eyeshadow was then applied over the entire lid and right up to the brow line.
Sometimes, for added drama, another line was drawn along the crease of the eye (see twiggy, above).  The lashes were curled, before applying several coats of mascara, and powder (usually baby  powder) was dusted onto the wet lashes between each application. This added volume to the lashes. Eyebrows, already tweezed and plucked to achieve the desired "arch", were thickened and darkened with eyebrow pencil, usually several shades darker than the  woman's hair color. It was not uncommon to see women with blonde hair having black lined eyes and black eyebrows.  Eyelash curlers were also used, sometimes between applications of mascara, which made for very sticky business, indeed.  By the mid 1960's false eyelashes were all the rage and one Cosmopolitan beauty article suggested curling and applying mascara to the natural lashes before applying the false lashes, for "double impact".

The mouth was played down with pearlized lipstick, in pale shades. Mary Quant began making transparent lipsticks which were eventually referred to as gloss. Edie Sedgwick had dramatic eyes, but she also used her eyebrow pencil for something else.

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